Missing order confirmation email

Issue: Customer did not receive or is not able to locate an email order confirmation


  1. All email order confirmations are bcc’d to the email address specified in the ‘BCC: Email Address’ field. In the below example, it is orders@diginn.com.Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 4.34.16 PM
  2. Check the email inbox specified in the ‘BCC Email Address’ field to 1) track down the customer’s order by email address, customer name or order ID and 2) confirm the customer’s email address is correct in the email.
  3. If the customer email address is correct, it’s likely that the email order confirmation is sitting in the customer’s email spam folder.
  4. If the customer email address is incorrect, they can log in using the INCORRECT email address and update to the correct email address (the first page they see when they log in).

Here’s what we suggest if you forward a copy of the order confirmation email to a customer.



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