How to include location-specific employees on incoming order notifications

When a customer places an order, we send out an email confirmation both to the customer and to whomever you’ve chosen to BCC on email confirmations (via the Email Settings page). This list of BCC email addresses will receive an email any time an order is placed at any of your locations (of the matching location type).

However, you can also include location-specific email addresses (e.g. the General Manager of the location) in the BCC field by adding them in the Email Settings section of the Location > Order Settings page, which you can see in the screenshot below.

Location Order Settings > BCC Email Addresses for Email ConfirmationsAnyone included in this field will be receive an email only when an order is placed at this specific location.

You can enter one or more comma-separated email addresses in this field, so multiple employees can be included. In addition, employees can receive text message notifications of new orders if you follow the steps in our How to receive notification emails via text message post in order to set this up.

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