How to include your employees on incoming order notifications

When a customer places an order on your Brandibble-powered website, we’ll send a copy of their email confirmation to one or more email addresses as configured on the Settings >> Email Confirmations page. You can see the relevant “BCC Email Address” field in the screenshot below:

Email Confirmations - Configuring the BCC fieldThis field can be populated with a single email address or a list of comma-separated email addresses (we’ve included two email addresses in the example above). When a customer places an order on your site, these email addresses will be “bcc’ed” on the email that’s sent to the customer.

If you scroll further down the Email Confirmations page, you’ll see that these settings can be customized for each type of order (online ordering, catering, and e-commerce / merch), which allows you to configure a different set of email addresses for each order type.

In addition, if you want to customize the list of BCC email addresses for each of your locations, you can include a list of location-specific email addresses on the Order Settings page of each location, as you can see below:


Please keep in mind, however, that these lists of BCC email recipients are additive. That is, your location-specific settings do NOT override your global email settings. The email recipients included in the BCC field on the Settings >> Email Confirmations page will receive email confirmations for every order of the matching type across all of your locations, whereas the location-specific email recipients will only receive email confirmations for orders placed at their specific locations.

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