Order Confirmation Email Delays

Please refer to the post titled “Missing order confirmation email” before continuing with this post.

If it’s been confirmed that the customer used their proper email address and cannot find the order confirmation email in their junk folder, then proceed with this post.

For order confirmation emails, Brandibble uses Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). It is not something that Brandibble controls directly. To check on the current status of Amazon’s SES, go here. Look for Amazon Simple Email Service.

If Amazon is reporting issues with SES, they are undoubtedly on it as it impacts all of their email customers. The issue will be resolved ASAP. Note: in this instance, it is also likely that a high percentage of your customers are reporting the same issue.

If Amazon is reporting that their service is running normally, there may be issues or delays with the customer receiving emails. You might ask the customer if there are other emails they’re expecting that haven’t arrived yet. If so, they can check with their IT department on issues with their respective email services.

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