Mapping Revel Establishments to Brandibble Locations

If Brandibble is integrated with your Revel POS, and you’re preparing to “Go Live” with a new store, there are a few more things you should set up:

Revel Mapping of Your New Location

Now that you’ve completed the steps in the “Preparing to ‘Go Live’ with a New Location” post, you’re ready to map your locations to their corresponding location in Revel.

  • Go to Revel > Locations
  • Set your “OLO location” to your new location’s OLO location
  • Set your “Catering location” to your new location’s Catering location
  • Set your Revel User and POS Station
  • Hit the “Update Location Mapping” button to save

Refresh & Regenerate

  • Hit the “Regenerate” button under the “Menus” section.  Note that the “Menus” section has turned red to indicate a regeneration is necessary. For more information, read this Regeneration post.

Go Live!

  • If you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to “Go Live“!


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