Revel Systems Integration Overview

Below is an overview of how Brandibble orders will show up in the Revel POS if you have chosen to turn on the integration.

Dining Options

Delivery orders with be designated as “Delivery” orders in the Revel POS, and pickup orders will be designated as “Take Out.”


Orders will be sent to the POS without payment.  We do this for two reasons:

  1. This allows you to void and refund any of the orders without running into any issues. Since credit card payments are being processed via Brandibble and NOT via the POS, it’s not possible to refund Brandibble orders that are sent with payment and designated as Credit orders.
  2. This allows you to book the revenue to whichever “Credit +” category you would like to use for reporting purposes. So this is the most flexible approach possible.

At the end of each day, your employees will need to open up each Brandibble order on the POS and close it out, which will allow you to put in place any kind of daily reconciliation process you would like. For details on how to close out orders, please see our Revel Systems POS Integration – Order Processing post.


Credit card tips (that were entered by users on your Brandibble checkout page) will be sent with each order using Revel’s “Auto Gratuity” field. When you pull up a web order on the POS and tap on the Payment button, you’ll see a line that reads as “Tip: $0.00 Auto Gratuity: $11.00” below the Balance Due line, which you can see in the iPad screenshot below.

2014-07-04 14.51.19

Assuming you ring up the order to a Credit + category like “Other” or “Trade,” these tips from Brandibble orders will show up in the “Other Tips” area of various Revel reports, including the Sales Summary and the Payments Summary.

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