How to ring up orders sent to Revel from Brandibble

When a customer places an order on your Brandibble website, we’re collecting payment from the customer BEFORE the order is sent to your Revel POS. For example, if they’re paying with a credit card, we’re charging their card and then sending the order to Revel.

As a result, you’ll need to use a “Credit+” category in order to ring up the order on your Revel POS, such House Account, Trade, or Other. You may have more specialized categories under your list of Credit+ options so please ask your manager which category to use.

Here’s how to ring up an order on the Revel POS:

  1. Tap the Orders button and select the Web Orders option
  2. Tap on the order and click Submit
  3. Hit the Payment button (the big dollar sign), verify the order total, and then ring up the order to the appropriate Credit+ category

And that should do it. If you later need to refund orders that were placed on your Brandibble website, you’ll need to refund them in both places (both on the Brandibble website and on the Revel POS). Please see our Revel Integration: How to process refunds post for additional details.

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