How to use the Revel Order Processing page

The Order Processing (Revel > Order Processing) page looks like this (click the image to see a larger version):

Screenshot 2014-10-19 14.17.24

You can customize 2 different settings for each of your Revel locations:

  1. When Customer Submits Order: what happens when a customer submits an order on your Brandibble website.
  2. When Order Hits Revel: what happens when the order hits the Revel POS at the location itself (assuming you’ve chosen to send orders to Revel).

Left Dropdown: When Customer Submits Order

There are three different options in the dropdown on the left side of the Location settings page, and these options don’t have any impact on how an order is printed once it arrives at your Revel POS (that’s what the dropdown on the right is for).

Please note: in all cases, we’re still charging the customer’s credit card on your Brandibble website. As a result, you will need to refund the order in both places when the customer requests a refund. Please see this post for more details: Revel Integration: How to process refunds.

Here’s how each of the options in the left dropdown work:

1. Confirm on Brandibble, DO NOT send to Revel

In this case, you’re choosing NOT to send orders to Revel at all for this particular location. That is, it’s as if your Revel integration isn’t set up at all, and you’ll need to process orders in the standard Brandibble way.

So when this option is selected, you will confirm orders on Brandibble, and you’ll also have to manually enter all of the items in the order into your Revel POS. Once you’ve entered all of the items, then you can ring up the order to a Credit+ category.

2. Confirm on Brandibble, then send to Revel

This option works well for Catering orders.

In this case, the order will not be sent to Revel UNTIL you confirm the order on the Brandibble New Orders page (so you’ll need to be checking the New Orders page for incoming orders). When an order hits the New Orders page, just confirm it like usual, and then the order will be sent to your Revel POS.

As a result, you won’t need to manually enter the items in your Revel POS – all you’ll have to do is ring up the order to a Credit+ category.

3. Skip Brandibble & go straight to Revel

In this case, the order will NEVER hit your Brandibble New Orders page. It will be sent directly to your Revel POS, and you’ll need to be watching your Revel POS or your KDS / kitchen printer for orders placed on the Brandibble website.

You won’t need to enter the items manually in this case either – all you’ll have to do is ring up the order to a Credit+ category.

Right Dropdown: When Order Hits Revel

There are two options for how to process orders that are sent to one of your Revel locations from your Brandibble website.

1. Print to kitchen automatically

In this case, the order will be sent to your KDS’s or kitchen printers IMMEDIATELY when the order hits your Revel POS. That is, you will NOT need to open the order on the POS before it shows up in your kitchen.

This is a very helpful way to make sure that you’re not missing orders that are sent to your Revel location from the Brandibble website. As a result, we recommend that you choose this option.

Important Note: in order for orders to print to the kitchen automatically, you must let the order hits the POS on its own.  If you manually fetch the order by going to Web Orders under the Orders menu, the order will NOT print to the kitchen at all.

Lastly, please note that you’ll still need to pull up the order on the POS in order to ring it up to a Credit+ category (but it’s important that you do this AFTER the order has already arrived at the POS on its own).

2. Open on POS, then send to kitchen

In this case, you’ll need to open up the order on the POS and either (a) hit the Send Order button or (b) hit the Payment button (the big dollar sign) in order to send the order to the kitchen. However, since Revel’s incoming order notification is very subtle on the POS, we would recommend that you do NOT choose this option.

After the order has been sent to the kitchen, you’ll need to ring up the order to a Credit+ category.

Please see our Revel Integration: How to ring up orders post for more details on ringing up orders.

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