How to set up promo codes to work with Revel discounts

If you’re using our integration with the Revel Systems POS and would like to offer online ordering discounts to your customers via Brandibble promo codes, then it’s important to map your Brandibble Promo Codes to Revel Discounts.

In order to do that, start by creating a new promo code via the Brandibble Promo Codes page.  Once that’s done, visit your Revel website and browse to the establishment you’ve selected as your “master establishment” in Brandibble (on the Revel >> Locations page). Then go to Products and click on Discounts. Create a new discount with these settings:

  1. The name of the Revel discount should match the name of the Brandibble promo code.
  2. If it’s a dollar discount promo code, select the “Amount” Discount Type in Revel. Otherwise, select “Percent”.  Then enter the amount itself.
  3. Leave “Qualification Type” set to All and leave the “Qualifying Data” box unchecked.
  4. Check the “Taxed” box – this is very important.
  5. Click the “Save” icon Screenshot 2014-07-31 11.58.34 in the upper right of the page.
  6. Then click the “options” icon Screenshot 2014-07-31 11.58.02to the right of the discount you created. On this page, enter a Barcode (it can be any unique barcode) and check the “Brand Level” box. Then click the save icon at the top of this page.

Once you’re done with the Revel setup, then you’ll need to head back to the Brandibble Admin Interface and browse to Revel >> Discounts. You should now see the Brandibble promo code you created on the left side, and the corresponding Revel discount should be available in the dropdown on the right side. Just match up the two, and then click the “Update Discount Mapping” button.

And that should do it, your customers will now be able to enter promo codes on the Brandibble checkout page, and the discount will be reflected in the order that comes through on the POS.

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