How to Use the Transactions Report

The Transactions page (Reporting > Transactions) is a great tool for reviewing the day’s transactions.  By using the dropdowns at the top of the screen, you can filter transactions to suit your purpose (choosing your date range, filtering by confirmed or canceled, etc.). Choose which filters you would like to apply, and click the “Display Report” button.

Remember that the system refreshes every 120 seconds, so if you’d like to dig a little deeper, you can always hit the “CSV Download” button, and the report will export into an excel document for easy viewing. Once the report is in CSV format, it’s easy to edit, save for later, or share with others.

Another tip for faster searching: use “Control + F” (Command + F on a Mac) to open up your browser’s built-in search tool, which will allow you to search for any text on the page.  For example, you may want to find an order by searching for a particular customer name. Simply hold down the “Control” button and hit the “F” key, enter the customer’s name into the search box, and hit Enter.

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