How customers can pay with LevelUp on your Brandibble online ordering site

Please note that this post explains how your customers can pay with LevelUp on your Brandibble-powered website, and therefore assumes you’ve already set up your LevelUp integration in Brandibble. If you have not yet set that up, please see our How to setup the LevelUp integration post. 

In order for your customers to pay with LevelUp and earn credit on your Brandibble-powered website, they must connect their LevelUp account to their Brandibble account. This means that they must create a Brandibble account before they’re able to pay with LevelUp on the checkout page.

In order to set up an account before they place their first order, you can send them to your Brandibble Sign Up Page, which can be found here (substitute your domain in place of “” in the example below):

Once the customer has a Brandibble account, then they can connect their LevelUp account on the Brandibble Account page via the steps below.

Step 1. Scroll down to the “Connect Your LevelUp Account” section under the “Account Information” section on your Brandibble account page.


Step 2. Make sure that your Brandibble email address is the same as your LevelUp account email address. If not, you must first update your Brandibble email address in the “Account Information” section above the “Connect LevelUp” section in the screenshot above.

Step 3. Click the “Connect LevelUp” button and you’ll see a message that looks like this:


Step 4. LevelUp will then send you a “Permissions Request” email. Open this email and click the “Accept” button (as you can see in the screenshot below). Please note that it may take several minutes for this email to arrive. If doesn’t arrive after 10 minutes, then refresh your Brandibble account page and click the “Re-send Authorization” button.


Clicking the “Accept” button will take you to your LevelUp account page, and you’ll see a “You have accepted the permissions request” message in a green box, per the screenshot below.


Step 5. Head back to your Brandibble account page to confirm that your account is in fact connected. Refresh your Brandibble account page, and you should see a “Your LevelUp account is now connected. Nice work!” message in place of the “Connect LevelUp” button. This means your account is connected!


Step 6. Select the LevelUp payment option on the Checkout page when you place your next order, as you can see in the screenshot below. This will allow you to earn credit for your purchase just like y0u do when you’re paying with LevelUp at the store itself.


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