How to set up the LevelUp integration

Setting up the LevelUp integration is an easy thing to do, and you can handle it completely on your own.

To get started, you need to reach out to your LevelUp account manager to get your API credentials and LevelUp Location IDs. Here’s a list of the specific information you need to request (the first four items collectively make up your API credentials):

  • Your LevelUp email address (such as
  • Password
  • API Key
  • API Secret
  • LevelUp location IDs for each of your locations

Once you obtain this information, then you just need to plug it into Brandibble. There two steps to this process.

Step 1: Enter your LevelUp API credentials and turn on the integration

The first step is to enter your API credentials on the Payment Types page, which can be found in the “Payments & Promos” section of the Brandibble admin interface. Here’s what the LevelUp section looks like:

levelup-integration-blank-fields_02After you enter this info and click the “Update Payment Settings” button, the LevelUp section should look like this:


Note the new “LevelUp Payment Credentials” section at the bottom of this page. If this section shows up with your merchant credentials filled in, then you know that the connection was successfully established.

The last thing to do before you leave this page is to actually turn on the LevelUp integration by selecting an order type in the “LevelUp Web Payments” dropdown, which you can see below:


Just choose the relevant order type, and then click the “Update Payment Settings” button again.

If you ever need to turn off the LevelUp integration, just come back to this page and select the “Off” option in the dropdown above.

Step 2: Enter the LevelUp location IDs for each of your Brandibble locations

The last step is to enter your LevelUp location IDs on the “Basic Info” page of each of your Brandibble locations. You can see the “LevelUp Location ID” field in the screenshot below:

levelup-new-locationJust enter the location ID and click the “Update Basic Info” button.

Once you do this for each of your locations, you’re all done with the setup process. Your customers will now be given the option of connecting their LevelUp accounts to their Brandibble accounts on their Brandibble account page (see our How customers can pay with LevelUp on your Brandibble online ordering site post for details about this process), and a new LevelUp payment type will show up on the Checkout page (as long as you’ve filled in the LevelUp location ID for that particular location).

You can see what this looks like in the screenshots below. The first one is a customer account page, and the second one is the checkout page.

levelup-melt-shop-01 levelup-melt-shop-06_02

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