How CardConnect deposits work

Brandibble works with a company called CardConnect to provide credit card processing to your customers on your Brandibble-hosted website. As a result, when you’re setting up your account with Brandibble, you’re also creating an account with CardConnect. Once your CardConnect account is set up, you can log in on their Merchant Center website.

The benefit of this approach is that it allows you to have a direct relationship with CardConnect and receive credit card deposits directly into your bank account on a daily basis.

This is very different than other online ordering services that first collect the funds, hold onto them for some period of time (say 30-45 days), and then deposit them into your bank account in one big deposit. Our daily deposit approach allows you to receive the funds almost immediately, which makes it easier to manage your cash flow.

You have one merchant account with CardConnect

One thing to be aware of is that you will have a single merchant account set up with CardConnect, regardless of how many locations you have set up on your Brandibble site. This means that you will get a single deposit from CardConnect each day that includes all purchases made across each of your separate restaurant locations.

How to reconcile your CardConnect deposits

In order to allow you to reconcile your Brandibble transactions to your CardConnect deposits, we’ve created a “Transactions Summary” that’s available in the Reporting >> Transactions section of the Brandibble admin interface. Here’s an example of what this report looks like:

In order to compare your CardConnect deposits to your Brandibble transactions, just select the relevant time period and hit the “Display Report” button. This will display all of the transactions on the page and calculate totals in the row at the top of the report.

Please note that you should utilize the Net Payment column for your comparisons.  The Net Payment is the full payment from the customer, including both tax & tip AND accounting for refunds. So this reflects the net cash payment made to you by the customer.

But beware of timing issues

There are two major timing issues to be aware of:

1. Deposit Lag Times

In the Transactions Summary, the transaction dates coincide with when the purchase was actually made by the customer on your Brandibble website. However, it takes time for credit card payments to “settle” and be deposited in your bank account by CardConnect. Settlement generally occurs every 1-2 days for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover and every 3-4 days for American Express.

As a result, the transactions you see on Brandibble won’t actually hit your bank account as part of a deposit until 1-4 days after the Brandibble transaction date.

2. Refunds

On Brandibble, we include refunds in the Net Payment for each transaction. For example, if I spend $20 on your Brandibble website today and request a $10 refund 3 days from now, the Net Payment for this transaction will reflect the refund on the transaction date.  However, the refund will reduce your bank deposit for the day when the refund is actually processed by CardConnect, which will be some day AFTER the transaction date.


That covers most of the major topics related to CardConnect and credit card payments in general, but as always, please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.



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