How to use House Account invoices (and how to set them up)

House Account invoices allow you to quickly assemble an invoice of unpaid orders and create a nicely-formatted PDF that can be sent to your customers (complete with your logo, company address, due date, etc.). The hope is that this will be a big time saver for you and your accounting department (if you have one).

First, a little background on House Account orders. The purpose of the House Account payment type is to allow certain customers to place orders without paying with a credit card when they’re checking out. When a House Account order is later confirmed and delivered by your employees, the order is marked as CLOSED in Brandibble, but the payment status remains UNPAID. This is because the order has been delivered (and eaten), but it hasn’t been paid for yet – you still need to collect payment from the customer.

On the House Account Orders page for a particular House Account, these orders will show up as Authorized instead of Paid. You can see this in the screenshot below:

When you select a time range and hit the “Create Invoice” button, you’ll be taken to a preview of the PDF invoice, which shows only CLOSED and UNPAID (i.e. Authorized) orders for the selected time range.

When you hit the “Save to PDF” link in the upper right, a PDF invoice will be created and downloaded to your computer, which officially creates the invoice. This means that this invoice will show up on the Invoices page for this House Account.

When a customer pays this invoice, you can click the Unpaid link next to the invoice on the Invoices page, which will toggle the invoice’s status to Paid.

This will also change the payment status of each order included on this invoice to Paid instead of Authorized. To verify this, you can click over to the Orders page – all of the orders included on this invoice will now show up as Paid instead of Authorized.

So that’s how it works, but before you can start using these features, you need to set up your Invoice Settings. To do this, go to Settings > Invoices.

Fill out all of the required fields and as many of the optional ones as you’d like. Below is a screenshot of where all of these values show up in the invoice.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to start creating invoices for your House Account customers automatically from Brandibble.

One more related note – you can also now create invoices for individual orders for any customers who are requesting them. These invoices look like this:

This is done from the Order summary page in the screenshot below, which you can get to in various ways:

  1. Customer Page: click on an order ID in the customer’s list of orders.
  2. House Account Page: same.
  3. Orders Report: same, either by filtering for certain orders or searching by order ID.

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