How to set up an account with CardConnect

Below is a link to the information that’s required by CardConnect,¬†our payment processor for Brandibble, in order to set up an account.. This allows the funds to be deposited directly into your bank account on a daily basis (subject to the 1-2 day delay for Visa/MC/Discover and the 3-4 day delay for Amex).

CardConnect Account Info

Please note that this account will be set up as a sub-account of Brandibble’s account, which will allow you to benefit from price improvements we’re able to negotiate as our Brandibble order volume scales.

Please also note that working with other payment processors is not an option – our system is tightly integrated with CardConnect so all transactions must run through them.

The primary benefit of setting you up with your own account is that the funds will be directly deposited into your bank account on a daily basis. We’ll then provide monthly statements, which can be used for reconciliation purposes. We also have a transaction summary page in the Brandibble admin interface, which will allow you to compare Brandibble to transactions to CardConnect transactions, if you’d like to do that.

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