Preparing to “Go Live” with a New Catering Location

Congrats…you’re expanding your business! This post will walk you through the steps of creating a new Catering location.  Links are to additional posts that will help you along the way.

 Set up your Catering Location

We recommend calling your Catering location the same as your OLO location, with “Catering” at the end. Ex: “8th Avenue” (OLO) and “8th Avenue Catering”

Set up the menu availabilities of your Catering Location in the Menus by Location section

  • Go through each menu and modifier category, and check the options that are available at your Catering location. Read more about Menus by Location here.

Regenerate your Menus

  • You’ve made changes that require a regeneration, and you’ve probably noticed that the “Menus” section has turn red, so you’ll want to hit the “Regenerate” button. For more information, read this Regeneration post.

Go Live!

  • If you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to “Go Live“!

If you are integrated with Revel, click here to learn how to map your new locations to Revel.


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