How to edit / adjust upcoming catering orders

Brandibble allows both your customers and brand admin users to edit upcoming catering orders. Plans often change so this feature should come in very handy. Below is a summary of the two different ways to edit catering orders.

Customers can edit everything about the order

To edit an upcoming catering order, customers just need to log into their accounts. On their account page, they’ll see a section that looks like this:

Upcoming Catering Orders on the Account Page

To edit one of their upcoming orders, all they have to do is click the “Edit Order” button next to one of their future catering orders. This will take them to the menu page, where they can edit existing items in their order, remove items, or add items.

To summarize how this works:

  • Once the customer is done editing the items in the order, they should click the checkout button. It’s important for the customer to re-submit their order so that (a) any changes to the order details on the checkout page are updated and (b) the customer receives an updated order confirmation email / receipt.
  • When they arrive on the checkout page, all of the details they previously submitted will be filled in for them (date, time, number of people, etc.). They can make changes to any of the fields on this page prior to submitting their order again.
  • For security reasons, the customer will either need to select a saved credit card or re-enter their credit card details. When they submit their order, a new credit card authorization for the new payment total will REPLACE the previously submitted credit card authorization. That is, the customer will only have 1 authorization outstanding for each of their upcoming catering orders.
  • The customer will immediately receive an updated order confirmation email, and a copy will be sent to your catering contacts (per your bcc settings) at the same time.
  • In the Brandibble admin interface, changes to the order will be reflected throughout the system.

And that should do it. When the customer returns to their customer page, they’ll see the updated details of their order. If you compare the image below to the image above, you’ll see that the items in the order, the payment total, and the date and time of order #150832 have changed – this is what your customers can do via the process above.

Upcoming Catering Orders, with some edits made

In addition, your brand admin users can still change some of the details of the order, per below.

Admin users can edit date, time, and catering location

As before, brand admin users can edit the date, time, and location for a catering order via the edit button found next to each order on both the Upcoming Catering Orders page and the New Orders page for a catering location. Clicking the “Edit” button will take the user to this page:

Admin Edit of Catering Order

Once the brand admin user has submitted their changes on the page above, the customer will see the updated date & time for the order on their account page, as you see in the image below:

Upcoming Catering Orders, with some additional edits

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