When To Regenerate Your Menus

As we explained in our About Regenerating Your Menus post, the Brandibble platform requires you to “regenerate” your menus in order to push updates to your live site.

You will need to regenerate your menus whenever y0u make changes to any of these areas:

  1. Dayparts
  2. Menus By Location
  3. Location Service Types
  4. Categories
  5. Menu Items
  6. Modifier Groups
  7. Modifiers
  8. Prices
  9. Serving Sizes
  10. Nutritional Info
  11. Allergens & Tags
  12. Regions

Also, if you’re using our integration with the Revel Systems Point of Sale, you’ll also need to regenerate when you make changes to any of the Revel integration setting in the “Revel” section of the admin interface.

However, to make this easier on you, we created a super helpful visual alert by turning the “Menus” section red when you’ve made a change that requires a regeneration.

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