Menu Regeneration Alert

If you want to learn more about why we require you to regenerate your menus, please see our About Regenerating Your Menus post.

The Menu Regeneration Alert (or just “menu regen alert” for short) is something we added in order to make it easier to know when you need to regenerate your menus.

When the “Menu” section has turned red, it means that you’ve made a change that won’t be reflected on your live site until you regenerate your menus. The red Menu section looks like this:

If you’re seeing the Menu section sporting red, it means you’ve made a change to one of the areas listed in our When To Regenerate Your Menus post, so you’ll need to regenerate in order for your changes to be reflected on your live site.

To figure out what you’ve changed, just visit the Menus > Regenerate section. This page will reveal a list of the items that were changed since you last regenerated your menus, like you see below:

Based on this list of items, you can make the call on whether you want to regenerate. If so, simply click on the “Update All Menus” button (but not during the middle of your lunch rush!) to push your changes live to the world!

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