About Regenerating Your Menus

The Brandibble platform requires you to “regenerate” your menus in order to push updates to your live site.  That is, you must regenerate your menus in order for customers to see new items.

There are two main benefits to this approach:

  1. It allows you to make a bunch of updates in the admin interface, and then push these updates to your live site all at once.
  2. It allows Brandibble to offer a very fast ordering experience to your customers (and customers love fast websites).

However, you’ve probably noticed that not all changes in the admin interface require you to regenerate your menus. Some changes are reflected in real-time, which begs the question:

When do you need to regenerate?

Generally speaking, you must regenerate when you make changes that affect your menus (categories, menu items, modifiers, prices, etc.). If you’re making changes to a location’s hours, this doesn’t impact the menu itself, so you do NOT need to regenerate.

However, there are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. There’s no need to regenerate when using the 86 Items for the Day tool. Temporarily removing menu items via the “86 Items for the Day” page impacts your menus immediately (i.e. in real-time). No need to regenerate in this case.
  2. You MUST regenerate after updating Location Service Types. For each location, you’re able to adjust which types of service (Pickup and Delivery) are available on each day of the week for each of your different dayparts. Changes to this page require a menu regeneration in order to be reflected on your site.

So with those two exceptions in mind, please check out this post for a list of changes that require you to regenerate your menus:

When To Regenerate Your Menus

That list should cover it, but we realize that’s a lot of stuff to remember, so we’ve attempted to make this easier on you by turning the “Menus” section red when you’ve made any changes that require your menus to be regenerated.

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