Where do I set prices?

Once you’ve created a Menu Item, you are ready to set its prices.  Go to Menus > Prices & Attributes.

Use the dropdown boxes to:

  1. Set your Menu type (Online Ordering or Catering)
  2. Set your Item Type (Menu Item or Modifier)
  3. Choose the appropriate Category (if you selected Menu Item) or choose the appropriate Modifier Group (if you selected Modifier)
  4. Make sure the Attribute drop down is set to “Price”
setting price

The Menu Item you just created will have a price set to “Default.” Fill in the appropriate prices for the Menu Items.  You must fill in both Pickup and Delivery Prices, and these prices can be the same or different.

set prices 2

When you are finished filling in prices for the Category, make sure you click the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.

Because you have editted a price, you must “Regenerate” the menu.  Read more about when you must Regenerate.


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  1. Samuel says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have a question, if a store is set up on Brandibble as in-store only isn’t the menu still suppose to show up when you choose that sore on meltshop website?

    • JC Harrington says:

      Hey, Samuel. Thanks for using our help site! For the time being, you need to set the location to Online Ordering & Coming Soon in order to generate a menu and include it on the site. We’ll likely change that sometime in the near future. Thanks, JC

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