How to create a Modifier Group & add Modifiers

Let’s start with the basics.  A modifier group is a collection of modifiers that is available for the customer to use to modify a specific menu item.  Modifier groups “pop-up” after the menu item has been ordered and the flow of the modifier group based on the min, max and included rules guide the customers through the modification options .  Brandibble allows you to add as many modifier groups to menu items as you need for the perfect guest experience.

How do Modifier Groups look to the Customer when Ordering?

Modifier Group Pop-up for Customer


How to Create a New Modifier Group

We’ve made it easy peasy with the steps below.

  • Go to Menus > Modifiers Groups
  • Click the “Add New Modifier Group”
    • Internal Name – this name is used for internal reference only, in order to make it easier to differentiate modifier groups in dropdowns and elsewhere
    • Name – the only required field; the name will be what the customer sees when this modifier group pops-up
    • Description – this information can be displayed on your online ordering site in order to provide additional information to your customers.
      • You may notice descriptions such as “Choose your favorite” or “How should we prepare your eggs?”.  These fun descriptions can help guide your customers through the choosing the appropriate options instead of plain generic text like “choose 2.”  Totally your call!

Ok, so now you have a brand new modifier group.  What’s next?  Adding the actual modifiers, of course!

How to Add Modifiers to a Modifier Group

  • Go to Menus > Modifiers
  • Select the appropriate Modifier Group in the dropdown box
  • Now comes the time to put on your thinking cap and ask yourself if you are adding a brand new modifier (that you’ve never offered before) OR if you are adding an existing modifier (say you are adding sweet potatoes and already offer them as a modifier in another modifier group) OR adding an existing menu item to be used as a modifier (say you already have a side item of sweet potatoes, you can use that item as a modifier — don’t worry if the serving size is not the same, that’s not a problem!).
  • Ok, now that you’ve determined if you need to click “Add New Modifier,” “Add Existing Modifier,” or “Add Existing Menu Item,” go ahead and click the right one.
    • Add New Modifier
      • Name – this is the name your customers will see on the website
      • Internal Name – this is the name your employees will see when processing orders
      • Assigned Modifier Groups – make sure to check off the appropriate modifier group.  If you skip this step, your modifier will be created and assigned to the “Unassigned” modifier group (which isn’t what you meant to do!)
    • Add Existing Modifier – a pop up appears and guides you through selecting the modifier group that you’ll be grabbing the existing modifier from.  As always, hold down the CMD + Shift on a Mac or CTL + Shift on a PC to select multiple modifiers.
    • Add Existing Menu Item – a pop up appears and guides you through selecting the menu category that you’ll be grabbing the existing menu item from
  • Don’t forget to save your changes

The last step is to attach your new modifier group to as many menu items as you need.  Please check out this post on how How to add/remove Modifier Groups to Menu Items.

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