How to add nutritional information to menu items & modifiers

Brandibble allows you to add detailed nutritional information for both menu items & modifiers via the “Nutritional Info” section on the “Advanced Settings” page.

To get there, visit either of the Menu Items or Modifiers pages, and click on a menu item or modifier. Then click on the “Advanced Settings” tab below the item name (see the screenshot below).

On the right side of the page, you’ll see a “Nutritional Info” section – just populate these fields. A few notes about this:

  1. You MUST populate the serving size field. If you do NOT add a serving size, then the nutritional information will NOT show up on your site.
  2. Any of the other fields can be left blank. Or you can fill them in with zeroes – either way is fine, as you can see below.
  3. You’ll need to regenerate in order to see changes on your site. Like other updates to menu items & modifiers, you’ll need to regenerate your menu in order to get the nutritional info to show up on your site.

nutritional-info-fieldsDoes this menu item or modifier appear in multiple categories or modifier groups?

If so, and the serving sizes differ in each of these categories, then you’ll need to populate group-specific serving sizes via the Prices & Attributes page.

To do this, just navigate to the Prices & Attributes page and use the dropdowns in the upper left to find the menu item or modifier in the relevant group. Then, choose “Serving Size” (instead of “Price”) in the last dropdown (see the screenshot below).

Then all you have to do is populate the serving size for the relevant menu item or modifier and regenerate your menus.


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