How to add images to menu items

To add images to a menu item, go to the Menu > Menu Items section of the Brandibble Admin Interface. Then hover over the quick links menu for any of your menu items and select “Images” as you see here:

menu-item_add-image_01Alternatively, you can click on the menu item name and then click on the “Images” tab in the upper left below the menu item name, as you see here:

menu-item_add-image_02Next, click on the “Upload Image” area to select an image from your computer for one or both image types, Small and Large. How we display these images on your website varies from one customer to the next, so please reach out to your Brandibble contact in order to get the details on which images need to be uploaded and what size files you should use.

After you’ve chosen files from your computer, the page will look like this:

menu-item_add-image_03This means that the images have been selected and are ready to be uploaded.

The next step is just to click the “Save Changes” button in the upper right or lower left. This will cause the images to be uploaded from your computer, and the page will refresh to look something like this:

menu-item_add-image_04Lastly, please note that you must regenerate your menus in order for the new images to appear on your Brandibble website. Just like all other data in the “Menu” section of the Brandibble Admin Interface, you must regenerate y0ur menus before new images show up on the site itself.


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