How to Add a Category & Set Its Order on the Menu

So you want to expand your menu and add a whole new category?  Here’s how you go about doing that.

Go to Menus >> Categories and click the “Add a New Category” button. This will take you to the new category page, which looks like this:

You’ll then need to fill out the following fields:

  • Menu: either Online Ordering or Catering. Please note that categories can exist on only 1 menu.
  • Parent category: this is only relevant for subcategories. If the category should be a top-level, parent category, then you can leave this set to “No Parent.” For example, if you have a “Beverages” category, and you want to separate “Hot Beverages” and “Cold Beverages” into separate subcategories, the “Beverages” category would be the parent of the “Hot Beverages” and “Cold Beverages” subcategories.
  • Name & Description: pretty straightforward. Please note that the description is optional.
  • Images: these are optional and depend on the design of your site.
  • Category Availability: this is a very important one that determines when this category should show up on the menu. Just check off the Dayparts, Service Types, and Days when this category should be available to your customers.

Pro tip: you can click on any of the row or column headers in the Category Availability table to select all the boxes in that row or column (any of the words in green are clickable), and you can click on “Select All” in the upper left to check off all of the boxes at once.

Lastly, don’t forget to click the “Update Category” button to officially create your new category!

Reordering Your New Category

Once you’ve created your new category, you can go head back to the Menus >> Categories page to determine the order in which it should appear on your menu.  All you have to do is drag and drop the category to where you would like it to show up.  You can also re-order subcategories within their parent categories on this page.

Please note: you cannot drag a subcategory from one parent category to another. If you want a subcategory to appear under a different parent, then you must first click on the subcategory and change its parent category. You can then return to the Categories page and re-order the subcategory within its new parent.

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