How to allow your customers to choose a Catering location

By default, Brandibble does NOT allow a catering customer to choose a location from which to order. Instead, after they enter their address, they’re either sent directly to the catering menu page to start their order or they’re told that your restaurant does not deliver to your address.

We do this so that you can avoid the hassle of having to cancel an order that you can’t deliver. If the customer’s address is outside of all of your catering delivery zones, then they’re sent to a page that encourages them to reach out to you directly if they’d still like to place an order. Here’s an example of what that page looks like:


This page encourages the customer to do one of two things:

  1. Place a pickup catering order.  If the customer is able to pick up their order instead of having it delivered, then it doesn’t matter what address they enter. They can just head back to the address entry page of the location from which they want to order, enter the address for the store itself, and then select the “Pickup” option in the sidebar on the menu page.
  2. Reach out to you directly. If the user doesn’t want to place a pickup order, they’re encouraged to reach out to you directly.

This tends to be a good way to deal with catering customers who are placing an order from outside your delivery zones.

However, if you’d like to allow y0ur customers to choose a location themselves (like they do for online orders), you can do this by visiting the “Locations & Maps” page in the Brandibble Admin Interface.

How to allow catering customers to choose a location

  1. In the Brandibble Admin Interface, go to Locations > Google Maps.
  2. Find the “Allow Catering Location Selection?” option (see the section outlined in red in the image below).
  3. To allow your users to explicitly choose a catering location from which to order, change this option from “No” to “Yes.”

And that’s it. Your catering customers will now be able to explicitly choose a location after they enter their address, just like online ordering customers.

However, please be aware that this can result in customers placing orders from locations that don’t deliver to their address. This shouldn’t happen too often, but it is a risk if you allow customers to select a location themselves. Just FYI.

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