How to launch a new location

You’re opening a new store…great! Here’s everything you need to make sure it’s set up before the big day:

(This post assumes you’ve already created your new Location.  If you have not yet done this, do so now, using these posts if you need guidance:)

1. Check your “Online Orderings Hours.” Go to Locations >> Hours.  These hours determine when this location is open to take orders. Please remember to click “Update” after you make the updates.

2. Check that your Delivery Zone (Locations >> Delivery Zone) is set for this location. Make sure to click the “Update Delivery Zone” button to save any changes you make.

3. Make sure that your first Daypart start time is set to before you would like your first orders to arrive.  Orders cannot be placed until after your first Daypart start time. There’s no harm in setting this earlier, because you can use each location’s “Online Ordering Hours” to be more specific at each location.

4. Any change to Dayparts (Menus >> Dayparts) requires the menu to be regenerated (Go to Menus>> Regenerate, and hit the “Update All Menus” button.

5.  You are almost set. Once you are sure everything for your location is in order, you’ve got one thing left to do.  Go to your location’s “Basic Info” tab, and switch the “Open OR Coming Soon” button to “Open”. Hit the “Update Basic Info” button and your store is open for business!

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