How to add “New” or “Coming Soon” flags to your locations

When you add a new location or have plans to add a new location, you may want to tell your customers about this “New” or “Coming Soon” location on your website.

Brandibble gives you a couple of location flags that can be used for this purpose on the Basic Info page of each location, which you can see in the image below.


These flags can be used by your web developer to style these “new” or “coming soon” locations in certain ways to call attention to them. Below is an example where the developer has added “NEW” flags to the upper left corner of the location photos (see the 877 8th Avenue and 1901 L St. NW locations).


If you ask your web developer to set up your locations page this way, then you’ll be able to add & remove flags yourself via the Brandibble Admin Interface instead of having your web developer do it manually every time you add a new location. Just a good way to save yourself some time and money over the long haul.

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