How to set pickup & delivery windows (instead of specific times)

Delivery windows are used to provide your customers with a time range during which their orders will be delivered, instead of a specific time. Time ranges can be provided for pickup orders as well, and you can set the length of the time range separately for each type of order.

Each location has two settings: Pickup Wait Time Range and Delivery Wait Time Range, and each can be set to any number of minutes between 0 and 60. If you set it to 0, then a time range will not be specified on the frontend of your website – a specific time will be provided.  This is the default setting.

You can find this setting on the Order Settings page for each of your locations. Below is an example of a location set with a pickup wait time range of 10 minutes, and a delivery wait time range of 30 minutes.

time-windows_01_backend-locationHere’s what it looks like on the frontend for each of the two order types. Note that the time range displayed in the dropdown shows a time range and the current wait time shows a range in minutes. The range in minutes is most relevant for ASAP orders.

time-windows_02_frontend-pickuptime-windows_03_frontend-deliveryThere’s also a brand-level setting that allows you to provide a time range at the very beginning of the ordering process where users are entering their address and selecting a date & time.

At this point of the process, we don’t know if the customer is ordering for pickup or delivery, but we do know if they’re placing a catering order or a regular online order. As a result, we allow you to set a different time range for each type of order. You can do this from the Settings > General Settings page as pictured below.

time-windows_04_backend-general-settingsHere’s what it looks like on the frontend in both cases:

time-windows_05_frontend-olotime-windows_06_frontend-cateringThe selected time rang will then follow the user throughout the ordering process and show up in their confirmation email and on their account page.

time-windows_06_frontend-loc-selecttime-windows_06_frontend-checkouttime-windows_06_frontend-confirmationtime-windows_06_frontend-accounttime-windows_06_frontend-emailAnd the same time range will show up on the backend for the folks who are actually making and delivering the order:

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