In order to enhance security on your checkout page, you can add a Google reCAPTCHA above the Submit button. Here's what this looks like:

This will prevent bot attacks such as card testing, where a bot is used to test large numbers of stolen credit cards by placing small test transactions on an e-commerce site. These credit cards were not stolen from you or Open Tender - we are PCI compliant, and we don't store credit card data ourselves. Rather, the stolen credit card numbers were acquired elsewhere, but cyber criminals can use ANY e-commerce site to test them. You can read more about card testing here: Card Testing Fraud: What You Need to Know.

Adding a CAPTCHA is one way to prevent cyber criminals from using your site for card testing, and we give you the ability to add a Google reCAPTCHA via the General Settings page under the Settings section, which you can see here:

You can toggle this on and off as you see fit.

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