Each Open Tender site features a Donations page that can be used to collection donations from customers for whatever cause you'd like to support.

If you'd like to start accepting donations, you can share your brand's version of our donation page, which lives at:


where "https://subdomain.yourdomain.com" would be replaced by the URL of your Open Tender site. Here's an example using our demo brand:


Each brand has its own version of this that's styled to match the rest of your Open Tender site.

If you'd like to customize the content, you have a page called "Make A Donation" in the "Pages" section of the Open Tender Admin Portal (under the "Content" section), which you can find here: https://admin.opentender.io/pages. 

Here's how the fields of this admin page correspond to the customer-facing donation page itself:

  • Title = title of the donation page
  • Subtitle = subtitle of the donation page
  • Excerpt = the success message customers see after submitting their donation
  • Content = the body of the confirmation email your customers will receive

The rest of the email settings come from your "Merch" confirmation email settings, which can be found here by selecting "Merch" in the dropdown:


The relevant settings include:

  • Sender Name
  • Sender Email
  • CC Email Address(es)
  • BCC Email Address(es)

The "Email Subject" field is not relevant because it has been customized specifically for donations, and The "Email Content" field is NOT relevant because the donation email confirmation content is updated via the donation page as explained above. You should review and update these settings if needed before using this feature.

Lastly, the payment processing settings most likely come from your brand-level credit card settings, which live here:


If you'd like, you can override these settings by adding payment processing settings for your "Merch" revenue center, which can be found in the Revenue Centers section by choosing "Merch" in the dropdown.

Each donation creates a record in our database, but as of April 6, 2020, we haven't yet created a report for this. Since this is a brand new and experimental feature, this is something we'll do as soon as customers start using it.

We would encourage you to try editing the donation page and merch email settings as explained above to get a feel for it, as well as submitting a donation yourself to test it out and see what the email confirmation looks like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the chat icon in the lower right of this page. Hope you find this useful!

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