It's possible for a swipe card reader (or "card swipe") to get disconnected at times. When this happens, you'll see a "Device not connected" error when you try to swipe a card. This error looks like this:

First things first, make sure the card swipe is connected and has a green light like this:

If it DOES have a green light, just try unplugging it and plugging it back in again. 

You can first try to do that like this:

Then try swiping a card again. If that does NOT work (or if the card swipe does not have a green light at all), then you'll need to try unplugging the device from the Hub Server itself. It may be connected via a USB splitter like this:

Or it may be connected directly to the Hub Server itself like this:

As a reminder, the Hub Server looks like this:

Either way, you'll need to unplug the card swipe, wait to make sure the green light goes out (in order to make sure you unplugged the correct USB cable), and then plug it back in again.

Then try swiping a card again. If this doesn't work, you can try restarting the Hub Server itself.

If this also doesn't work, your card swipe may need to be replaced. Please contact Brandibble Support if that's the case.

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