The device ID of each Zebra Barcode Scanner needs to be configured with the corresponding POS in the cloud backend of Brandibble. This is how the Hub Server knows which Barcode Scanner is which.

You can find the device ID of the Zebra Barcode Scanner by connecting it to a Hub Server and then ssh'ing into the Hub Server and running a simple command here's how to do that.

1. Connect your computer to the same network as the Hub Server.

2. Make sure your Zebra barcode scanner is plugged into the Hub Server.

3. SSH into the Hub Server by typing this at the command line (i.e. at the command prompt):

ssh root@

where is the IP address of the Hub Server (this will be different for your most likely).

4. Once you're connected to the Hub Server, run this command (you can copy / paste this):

ls -alh /dev/input/by-id

This will print out a list of devices, and you'll see a line that lists the Barcode Scanner like this:


You only care about the BCD5DF3F739A09418D6C4D9AAAB741F8 part after the Symbol_Bar_Code_Scanner_S_N: part.  See the part that's highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

5. Browse to the "Devices" page on the backend of Brandibble, and enter this ID in the "Scanner Device ID" field under the relevant POS.

Once you've done this, you'll need to update your Devices settings on the POS, or the POS will do this on its own after 5 minutes have passed.

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