First things first, you'll need to reach out to your Toast account rep about enabling the Brandibble integration for one or more of your restaurants. Please cc your Brandibble contact on this email so we can assist as needed.

As of August 2019, our integration is actively being used by several Brandibble customers, but it's still technically in beta because we're waiting until we launch our new Open Tender brand before making it publicly available to all Toast customers. As a result, you may need to send an email to Toast Integrations Support ( in order to enable the Brandibble integration for your restaurant. However, starting with your account rep is your best bet.

Once the Brandibble integration has been enabled, you'll need to:

  1. Enable Nightly Data Exports. If you haven't done so already, we'll need you to setup Automated Nightly Data Exports per this Toast support post here:
  2. Download your Store Mapping. Once you've enabled nightly data exports, your store mapping should be available here:

And that should be enough to get started. Please see our post about Setting up a new Toast location for next steps.

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