There are two ways to use our Inventory Counts to track inventory and automatically 86 items at a given location. 

If your inventory counts should reset each day (i.e. you make 20 Blueberry Scones each day and want to reset the count to 20 at the beginning of each day), please see this post here: How to use the Inventory Counts feature.

If your inventory counts should NOT reset each day, then keep reading. 

In order to keep track of the running inventory of an item over an extended period of time, you should uncheck the "Resets Daily" box next to the item on the location Inventory page. When you do this, two things will happen:

  1. Your remaining inventory count will be the same on every day in the future.
  2. Your starting inventory count will automatically reduced by the amount sold each day.

Below is an example of what this will look like:

In this example, you start the day with 20 San Pellegrino waters. The remaining inventory of 17 indicates that 3 of these waters have been sold either today or sometime in the future, so you have 17 left for new customer orders.

Let's say you sold all 3 of these today. Then at the end of the day, the Starting count will be reduced to 17. If you then sell 4 of these waters across any orders placed in the future, the remaining inventory count will be 13 for every day in the future (including today).

In short, the Starting count tells you how many you started the day with, and the Remaining Inventory count tells you the number you have available that aren't already earmarked for orders placed today or any day in the future.

This boils down to the fact that you should use the Remaining Inventory number to determine when you need to order more waters - this tells you how many you have left after accounting for any orders in the future or past.

When you do purchase more waters, you should then add the number purchased to your Starting inventory count.

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