There are two steps to creating a surcharge:

  1. Create the surcharge itself. 
  2. Associate it with one or more locations. 

Adding new surcharge can be done from the Settings > Surcharges page, which looks like this:

Just click the Add New Surcharge button in the upper right. Once you’re on the surcharge page itself, refer to the tooltips (the little question marks next to each field) if you have any questions about any of the fields. It can also be helpful to refer to an existing surcharge if you already have one created. 

Please pay special attention to the Service Type field, which determines which types of orders will receive the surcharge.

Once the surcharge has been created, browse to the Locations page and select the location at which you’d like to apply the surcharge. Then click the Order Settings link in the top nav under the location name, and scroll down to the Surcharge section on the right side of the page. This section looks like this:

Just select the surcharge you previously created in the dropdown, and you’re good to go!

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