This is only applicable to sites where the modifier wizard has been configured and designed.

Brandibble's Modifier Wizard allows you to enhance your site's user experience if you offer "build your own" type products or complex menu items that have multiple modifier groups, like catering packages. When you turn on the Modifier Wizard for any menu item, the customer will see a pop-up window when adding that menu item to their order, which will display all of the attached modifier groups. 

All you have to do to set up the Modifier Wizard for any menu item is:

  1. Go to Menus > Menu Items and click on the menu item you'd like to edit
  2. Go to the Modifiers tab and check the box next to Use the Modifier Wizard for this menu item
  3. Configure the modifier groups as usual and click on Save Changes

Don't forget to regenerate your menu to see the changes populate on your site.

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