When you're opening a new location in Brandibble, there are several settings that will affect how your location is displayed on your site and it may appear as closed for your customers. See below for a complete list of all of these and how they will affect your location's look on your site.

Open, Closed, and Inactive

The most basic setting for your location will be whether it's marked as Open, Closed, or Inactive. When a location is marked as Open, customers will be able to place orders. 

If a location is marked as Closed, customer will still be able to see it on the location selection page, but we'll let them know that it's closed. This is helpful if you want to let customers know that the location exists but may be closed temporarily.

If a location is marked as Inactive, customers won't see it displayed anywhere on your site. This setting is for when a location is closed permanently and you don't want it to be displayed to customers at all.

Coming Soon

The Coming Soon flag is similar to marking a location as Closed, except that the messaging displayed to customers about the location will be different. This flag is useful if you want to place test orders and view your menu prior to launching your site for customers. This means that if the location is marked as Open or Closed and the Coming Soon flag is turned on, then it will be visible to customers but they won't be able to order from it. To learn more about the Coming Soon flag, check out this article: Flagging a store as "coming soon."

Testing Mode

Testing Mode, similar to Coming Soon, allows you to test your menu and the ordering process before you making online ordering available to customers. However, the location won't be displayed to your customers, only you'll be able to see it as an admin user when you're logged in to the Brandibble admin interface. This is a setting someone at Brandibble has to turn on for you so if you'd like to add a testing location or turn one of your existing locations into a testing location, please reach out to our team so we can give you a hand.

Hours & Holidays

The way your hours are set up will also affect how a location is displayed on your site. If a location is marked as Open but is closed during the hours your customers are trying to place orders for, then it will show up on your location selection page but we will display a message letting the customer know the store is closed for the time they've selected. 

If you have a Holiday set for a certain date, depending on what hours you set for that holiday, we will also display a message to the customer to let them know the location is closed on the date and time they've selected. To learn more about setting holidays, check out this article: Setting holiday hours.

Service Types

Whenever you change your service types for any location, you have to regenerate your menu. This is very important as your location won't update properly unless you regenerate your menus after changing your service types. If you previously were offering delivery but now you aren't, then you'd change your service types to match your new availability. If a customer selects delivery and enters their address, we'll display a message letting them know this location typically offers delivery but not at the selected time. This messaging lets your customers know that you do offer delivery so as not to discourage them from trying to order from you in the future.

Delivery Zones

Also similar to Service Types, your Delivery Zone will affect how a location shows up for a customer when they're attempting to place an order. If a customer enters an address that's outside of all delivery zones but you do accept pickup orders, we'll still allow them to place a pickup order and we won't display the delivery option. 

Please note that in order for your location to show up on your site, you must have a delivery zone. This is also necessary even if your store doesn't offer delivery and you can make the zone a very small perimeter. If you don't check the delivery service type, customers won't see delivery as an option at this location.

If customers are too far away from any store, we'll display a message like the one below.

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