Are you trying to 86 an item for one day only? Please see this post: 86'ing Menu Items or Modifiers.

There may come a time when you need to remove menu items or modifiers from your menu temporarily (i.e. longer than one day but not forever).  

Examples would be seasonal items or items that are going to be out of stock for several days or weeks due to a supply shortage. It's annoying to have to 86 these items every day, but it's also annoying to have to permanently remove the item and then add it back later as a new item.

Good news! Our Menus by Location page makes it very quick and easy to remove a menu item or modifier from some or all locations and then add it back later (with a single click).

Here's how to go about doing this:

  1. Go to Menus > Menus by Location
  2. Select the Menu from the first dropdown
  3. Select either Menu Items or Modifiers from the second dropdown
  4. Select the Category or Modifier Group from the third dropdown
  5. Click on the item in green text on the lefthand side to quickly remove it from all locations at once
  6. Click on Save Changes
  7. Regenerate your menus when you're done making changes

You can always use the Menus by Location section to re-add menu items and modifiers to locations if they become available again or if they're going to be available only at certain locations.

If you want to remove menu items or modifiers permanently from all locations, check out this help post:

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