If you're managing menus across different locations, there may be some differences here and there that Brandibble allows you to manage easily. For instance, you may only have certain menu items or modifiers available at select locations and you don't want them to show up at all locations.

Follow these instructions if you'd like to remove either menu items or modifiers only from certain locations:

  1. Go to Menus > Menus by Location
  2. Select the Menu from the first dropdown
  3. Select either Menu Items or Modifiers from the second dropdown
  4. Select the Category or Modifier Group from the third dropdown
  5. Uncheck the items you'd like to remove from each location
  6. Click on Save Changes
  7. Regenerate your menus at the locations that changed

Don't forget that last step! You can always use the Menus by Location section to re-add menu items and modifiers to locations if they become available again.

Please note: this can also be useful for removing menu items and modifiers from all locations for some period of time if you plan on adding these back at some point (as in the case of seasonal items or items that are going to be out of stock for a few weeks). To do this, just use the Menus by Location page to remove the menu items or modifiers in question from all of your locations and then regenerate.

If you want to remove modifiers permanently from all locations, check out this help post:

Check out this post to learn how to remove Menu Items at all locations:

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