When it comes to Toast menu sync'ing, there are actually 3 separate events:

  1. When Toast makes menu changes available to us - this always happens sometime around 4-5am the NEXT day.
  2. When you pull these updates into Toast - this can be done automatically at 5:30am each day or you can do it manually.
  3. When you publish changes to your customer-facing Brandibble site by regenerating menus - this can be done automatically at 6am each day or you can do it manually.

With Toast, #2 is generally less useful since they don't make changes available to us in real-time - it always happens the next day. But there may be some reason you want to do it.

The 3rd point above is helpful if you want to add photos, descriptions, tags, etc. to new menu items that have been pulled into Brandibble from Toast overnight. If you want to do this, you can turn off automatic menu regeneration (from the Settings > General Settings page) and instead regenerate your menus manually after you've added "decorative" information in Brandibble.

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