First things first, you'll need to add an API key and turn the DoorDash integration on at the brand level on the Integrations > Delivery Services page. Please reach out to Brandibble Support to obtain your API key.

Once this has been taken care of, you're ready to start using the DoorDash integration at any location you'd like. To do that, go to a location's Integrations page and scroll down to the Delivery Integration section, which looks like this:

This is generally the setup you'll want to use. Please note that:

  • Delivery Service Location ID: this field is not relevant for DoorDash and can be left blank.
  • Order Types for Delivery Service: you can choose to send only delivery, only pickup, or both delivery and pickup orders to DoorDash. Most Brandibble customers only use DoorDash for delivery so you'll likely want to select "Delivery Only". 
  • Confirm Orders via Delivery Service: this field isn't relevant for DoorDash and should be left as "No".

The timing of when orders are sent to DoorDash and how orders are confirmed on Brandibble depend on how you configure the last two fields.

The default configuration is to send an order to DoorDash when either (a) the order is confirmed on Brandibble or (b) the order is sent to your POS (if you're using a POS integration).

This can be changed by adjusting the last 2 fields:

  • Automatically Confirm When Sent: this means that we'll automatically confirm the order in Brandibble when the order is sent to DoorDash. If you're using a POS integration, it's important to leave this set to "No", otherwise the order won't be sent to your POS.
  • Send Immediately & Send Updates: this means that the order will be sent to DoorDash when the customer submits their order on the checkout page, either when placing a new order or editing an existing order. If you set both this to "Yes" and the field above to "Yes", then the order will be sent to DoorDash and confirmed in Brandibble when the customer first places the order (so it will be closed and can't be edited). Otherwise, the order will be confirmed on Brandibble either when you confirm it on Brandibble or when the order is sent to your POS (if you're using a POS integration).

That should do it, but if you have any questions about what configuration makes sense for your restaurant, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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