As you know, we give you full access to customer data on Brandibble, which allows you to use the email addresses collected through Brandibble for sending newsletters and other marketing / promotional emails to your customers.

It's up to you as to how you want to do this: you can either use all of the email addresses collected via Brandibble (see below) or you can allow customers to opt-in to marketing emails when they're first creating their account (either on the checkout page or your dedicated sign up page).  

For guidance on the latter approach, please see this post: How to allow customers to opt-in to marketing and promotional emails.

Here's how to download all customer email addresses:

  1. Go to Customers and select a time range using the date picker
  2. Click on Download CSV

That's it! You can upload those email addresses into any CRM and / or marketing software you may be using. The date picker allows you to target a specific segment of customers based on the time period they order within. You can also use the Last Ordered column to target customers that haven't ordered in a while and provide them with an incentive.

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