For all menu categories, menu items, modifier groups, and modifiers, there is a Name and and Internal Name. The Internal Name is used for back of house purposes only. Customers will only see the Name, which you can think of as the customer-facing name. The Internal Name is what will show up on order print outs so if you're using shorthand descriptions for the kitchen, that's an instance when you'd change the Internal Name

Salido and Toast Integrations

If you're using our Salido or Toast POS integrations, you should not change the Internal Name because that it what we use to map back to your POS. This is very important and could break the integration, causing a multitude of issues down the road. Whatever name you're using on your POS when you import your menu will be the Internal Name in Brandibble. If you change it in your POS, it will create a duplicate menu item and you will have to re-add descriptions and images. 

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