Our Inventory Counts feature allows you to set limits on the number of items available for sale at a single location on a single date.

For example, maybe you make a batch of 30 blueberry scones each day, and you want to make sure you don't sell more than 30 through Brandibble each day. Inventory Counts allow you to set a limit of 30 on your "Blueberry Scone" menu item, and once you sell all 30 on a given day, the item will automatically be 86'ed for the day. 

In addition, if you've sold 29 and a customer puts 2 in their cart, then they'll be told that they're over the limit when they go to checkout. Here's an example of what this page looks like:

In this case, you can see that not only is the "Wild Salmon Salad" item sold out, but the "Roasted Brussels Sprouts" modifier is as well - this feature works for modifiers, too!

Here's a summary of how this feature works more generally:

  • It works for both Menu Items and Modifiers.
  • It works for any date, both today and future dates (so you can sell up to 30 Blueberry Scones both today and any date in the future).
  • If a customer is editing one of their orders with sold out items, then they'll be able to keep (or reduce) the number of sold out items in their cart, but they won't be able to add any more of the sold out items (as you would expect).
  • If an order is canceled, then the sold out items will be added back to your inventory. 
  • If the date of an order is changed, then the counts will be moved to the new day and removed from the previously selected date (so those items become available for other customers on the previous date).
  • If an order is closed, then those items are officially sold and cannot be added back to your inventory.
  • Menu Items and Modifiers can be "linked" such that quantities of like items will be counted together (just like with 86'ed menu items). This allows you to have an item or modifier on the menu in multiple places, just like we saw above with the Brussels Sprouts modifier.

How to use the inventory counts feature

You can find the Inventory Counts feature on each location's "Inventory" tab, as you see here:

The "Starting" field is used to set the starting inventory count each day, and then you can use the "Remaining Inventory" section to see how many items remain in stock for each of the next 7 days. This remaining inventory section is provided for your convenience / planning purposes.

That's all there is to it! There's no need to regenerate your menus or anything like that - any changes you make to the starting counts go into effect immediately, just like when you 86 items.

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