When you run out of anything in your store, you need to 86 that menu item or modifier in Brandibble. 

If you're using any of our POS integrations, you may need to 86 in both places, but you'll want to 86 the menu item in Brandibble first, since this is how you can prevent customers from ordering the item in the first place.

When you 86 something in Brandibble, it will only be removed from your menu for that day only. The item or modifier will automatically be added back to your menu on the next day so you don't have to add it back manually. 

To 86 a menu item or modifier, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Orders > 86 Items For The Day
  2. Select the menu from the first dropdown menu, item type from the second dropdown menu (menu item or modifier), and category from the third dropdown menu
  3. Click Remove
  4. Click Save Changes

IMPORTANT: there's no need to regenerate your menus after you 86 an item. 86'ing items is different than all other menu changes and does not require a regeneration.

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