From time to time, you may have customers who say they didn't receive or cannot locate their email confirmations. Below are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue with them:

  1. All email order confirmations are bcc'd to the email address specified in the 'BCC: Email Address' field
  2. Check the email inbox specified in the 'BCC Email Address' field to track down the customer's order using their email address, name, or order ID (you can also do this to confirm that they entered the right email address for their order)
  3. If the customer email address is correct, it's likely that the email order confirmation is sitting in the customer's email spam folder (there's a link below to walk you through ways you can avoid this from happening)
  4. If the customer's email address is incorrect, they can log in using the incorrect email address and update to the correct email address on the account page
  5. If they did not create an account, you can just forward them the email confirmation to the correct address



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