Here's quick overview of how menus work in Brandibble.

The first thing to note is that in order to push menu updates to both your menu page and online ordering system, you must Regenerate whenever the the green Update button shows up next to the Menus section on the lefthand sidebar. Visit the Menus > Regenerate section and hit the Update All Menus

Note: You can only regenerate 10 menus at a time at any point of the day except between 10 AM and 2 PM (Eastern), during which you can only regenerate 1 at a time.

When you click the Update All Menus button, Brandibble will take all of your menu settings and generate a whole bunch of menus. For each location, we'll generate a menu for each Daypart and Service Type on each day of the week. For example, for a given location, you'll have a lunch pickup menu for each day of the week and a lunch delivery menu for each day of the week (same thing for dinner and breakfast, if you serve breakfast).

Unless, of course, you don't offer delivery during lunch, in which case a delivery menu for this daypart will not be created, and a delivery option will not be made available to your customers during lunch (that is, they'll only have the option of ordering for pickup during lunch). So if a customer goes to place an order during lunch on Monday, they'll only have the option of placing a pickup order, and we'll display only the menu items that are available on this pickup menu.

This approach has three benefits:

  1. It gives you very granular control over your menus
  2. It allows you to make a bunch of changes to your menu and then roll them out all at once
  3. It makes our menu pages load very quickly

When a customer visits your online ordering page, we just grab a menu off the shelf and present it to them, just like you would do yourself if they were visiting your restaurant in person - you'd hand them a menu based on what you're serving at that time.

So the big takeaway here is the following: when you're ready to update the live menus that your customers see on your site, you must visit the Menus > Regenerate page and click the "Update All Menus" button to regenerate your menus.

We also make it easy to recognize when you need to regenerate your menus (so that your customers see updated menus on your website). When you've made changes that require an update, the Menus section will have a green Update button show up next to it.

However, you may want to allow this to stay as it is for a while (i.e. you don't have to regenerate your menus every time the Update button shows up). For instance, maybe you're rolling out a bunch of updates to your menu for a seasonal menu change or something along those lines. In this case, you can make all of the changes days in advance of the rollout, and then Regenerate when you're ready to go live with the changes.

So that's a high level overview of how menus work in Brandibble. 

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