When you're opening a new store, you'll want to see what the menu looks like on the front end and place a few test orders. Brandibble allows you to set a store to Coming Soon so that it will appear on your site's locations page when customers are placing orders, but won't accept online orders until you're ready.

Using the Coming Soon feature

To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Locations and select the location you'd like to edit
  2. On the Basic Info tab, under Optional Info, click on the checkbox next to Flag this location as coming soon
  3. Click on Update Basic Info

This next part is very important to note:

When you're logged in to the backend of your Brandibble site and you open a window to navigate to the frontend of your website, you will see that the Coming Soon location is accepting online orders. This is because the site recognizes that you're an admin user logged in to Brandibble and as such, you are able to place test orders.

If you want to see what the Coming Soon location looks like for everyone else, you can either log out of your Brandibble account and open a new page or open your website in an Incognito Window (if you're using Chrome as your browser).

Allowing 3rd parties to see a menu before the store opens

If you're working with a 3rd party partner who needs access to the site before it's live (i.e. Checkmate or your POS provider), you can give them a login to Brandibble that has limited permissions. That way, they'll be able to log in to the backend and see the menu on the frontend.

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