Brandibble is set up so you can easily offer different menu items at each of your locations. You can use the Menus by Location feature that will allow you to pick and choose which menu items are displayed on each location's menu. This is extremely useful if your stores have few variations from store to store and requires minimal upkeep from an operations perspective.

To edit the menu items and modifiers that are available at each location:

  1. Go to Menus > Menus by Location
  2. Select the appropriate menus from the dropdown menus
  3. Check and / or uncheck menu items
  4. Click on Save Changes each time you switch to a different menu
  5. Follow the same steps for Modifiers
  6. Regenerate the menus for the locations you updated

Pro tip: If you click on the name of the location or the menu item on this page (highlighted in green), you will select or unselect all of the items in that row or column. Pretty easy, right?

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